Akçalı Boya has been operating in the paint industry, which is one of the rising sectors of our country, since 1984. The paint industry in Turkey has reached 2.2 billion dollars mark by 2014. Due to the economic growth of the paint industry, today our country occupies the 2nd place in the nearby geography and the 6th place in Europe. Our country aims to be one of the three largest producers of paint in Europe. Today, with more than a half-century experience, Akçalı Boya is rightfully credited with becoming a trusted and sought-after brand.

Akçalı Boya makes a difference in the sector by introducing brand new products in the product line and gives quick and satisfactory answers to the needs of the consumers and the market.

Akçalı Boya, always aiming to offer the best quality for the best prices, believes that it needs to increase its efficiency in accordance with its target.

At the same time, Akçalı Boya views quality standards as one of its top priorities, and since 2004 it has been operating in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certificates and quality standards certified by Germany TÜV Thüringen eV.

Akçalı Boya, possessing the latest technological equipment and expert staff, maintains the highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction and applies in Turkey the standards of the leading global companies.

Akçalı Boya, being aware of its responsibilities to its employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and other stakeholders, adopts the accepted moral values and social responsibility strategy. Since the year it was founded, this strategy has always carried Akçalı Boya one step further both in the eyes of the industry and the public.

Akçalı Boya has adopted the principle of following the changing needs of the market. To this end, we work continuously in the field of R&D, follow the latest developments in the sector in Europe and in the world and aspires to produce new products and systems aiming at exceeding the international product quality. Akçalı Boya, possessing 260 different types of products, owes its success on the new product development to the awareness that innovation lies in the center of the economic growth.


1984 - 1989

In 1984 Akçalı Boya, which gives importance to the product development, released Efes Plastik, one of the first economic paints in Turkey. In 1986 Akçalı Boya brought out the first ceiling paint under the brand name of “Permolit”. As soon as Permolit was launched to the market, the Turkish paint industry got introduced to a new type of paint applied only to the ceiling, and soon after other companies started to produce the similar paints. Permolite now has a product perception that determines the quality limits within ceiling paints. This quality perception has made Permolit the leader of the ceiling paints market.

1989 - 1994

In 1994 Akçalı Boya, in accordance with another need of the market, released the “Akçalı Sprey” paint, thus continuing to be a pioneer in this field. Akçalı Boya, which aims to provide the best quality with the best price, left its factory in Levent in 1994 and moved to its new facilities in Kıraç Esenyurt where it started its production activities. Nowadays, Akçalı Boya produces water-based paint in a 6000m2 modern factory and solvent-based paint in a 2000m2 manufacturing plant.

1994 - 1999

A.B.PROM, which belongs to the Akçalı Group of Companies, has been operating in the Russian market since 1996. Alongside with the Akçalı Paint and Chemical Industry Trade Corporation, A.B. PROM is one of the most respected companies operating in Russia under the Akçalı Group of Companies. The Akçalı Boya Group, which strictly pursues the goal of reaching foreign markets, carries its name and quality to other countries. Akçalı Boya works with the consciousness of the importance of product quality and market diversity issues in the globalizing world, thus gaining more strength.

1999 - 2004

Akçalı Boya, which started production of construction paint under the brand name of A.B. PROM after establishing a factory in Krasnodar in 2004, delivers its products from the factory to Russia and other neighboring countries. The rapid development of economic relations between our country and the Russian Federation has made this country one of Turkey’s most important trading partners. Proceeding from the expectation that the development rate of the Russian economy with a population of 142 million people will be reflected on the Russian domestic market, Akçalı Boya is consolidating its position there supplying its products. Akçalı Boya, which obtains about 10% of its turnover from export, contributes to the country's economy exporting its goods to Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Iraq, Turkic Republics and TRNC.

2004 - 2009

Since 2006, Akçalı Boya has moved the entire management staff to the new production facility. Nowadays, Akçalı Boya continues to carry out its production and management activities at the same location. If we look at the spray paint market in 2012, we can see that Akçalı Boya is the leading company with 3 million coloured spray sales. In this product group, Akçalı Boya meets 50% of the market alone. As for the sales amount of the technical spray paint, which is another important product type in the spray paint group, the sales figures of Akçalı Boya seem to reach approximately 1 million units in 2012. Since 2012 when it started importing this spray group, Akçalı Boya has been pursuing the goal of becoming the leader company in this field as well.

2009 - 2014

Today Akçalı Boya, which has a wide market access and logistics network through its more than 1,500 sales points, closely follows developments in the market. In order to add value to the marketing activities without sacrificing the reliability of the brand, Akçalı Boya products have been sold in the construction markets apart from wholesale and retail dealer channels since 2008.